Customizing the Look and Feel


Paga allows you to customize the look and feel of it's pages, for display on your app. This section requires some knowledge of CSS.

Please see the following articles for an introduction to CSS

Default Paga Screenshots

You can change background colors, button colors and states, as well as include a custom logo etc. See the examples below


The full list of customizations are listed below.

Create CSS File

Create a css file with your client_id + "-style.css" as the file name.

Styles can be display name specific. in that case the file naming convention is client_id + display_name + "-style.css"


To have your custom logo displayed at the top of the pages, send a url that points to your logo to the Paga Operations Support team and requesting the change.


You can also choose to remove your logo completely. This is useful in mobile applications to save on screen space, or in cases when the web pages are being loaded in a Web view, and the app already has a logo.

To hide the logo include the following in your css file.

Body & Headings

Form Inputs






Transaction Styles

Custom styles for the transaction history page.